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Register as a Reseller in the system and begin selling your products based on a wholesale price. Create your own IPTV Company now.

Do you know more than 70 million people over the globe are using IPTV services? Now you can start your own IPTV business being our reseller.

Start your own IPTV business now and make more than $10,000 per month. You only need your own IPTV panel to start, where you can generate lines for users. Running a stable IPTV service is hard, Very Hard! It also costs a lot of money to run a successful IPTV business. If you want to make money but want to avoid the headache of running the service yourself, you can join our reseller program. You may ask why, well here are some points to get you started!

COBRA4TV Offers:

COBRA IPTV offers are very competitive with an excellent range of channels, we supply the biggest list of channels, video on demand, catch-up server, and sports replays being provided. We are the number 1 IPTV provider for international. Also, our terms for re-crediting your panel are very flexible. We do not push our resellers!

Reseller Panel:

A full reseller panel management will be provided. You can create, extend, and fully monitor your client’s accounts. If we update anything which affects resellers, updates will be posted on your reseller panel so you will be in the know. Full access to the panel will be given to you after your first purchase.

Credits don’t Expire:

Credits are stored on your panel, so you can spend them whenever you find a new client. There is no time frame for using your credits. They don’t get expired. The only thing you need to pay attention to is your clients.

You can add Sub-resellers and you can control them from your reseller panel, add the credits, and so on . you can sell your credits to your resellers for whatever price you want. (condition Apply)

You can sell your service for whatever price that you want, you will find more packages options in your reseller panel.

We enable our resellers to give away free trials 24H from their reseller panels. It may help you to offer 24h trial period to your clients before they can buy a subscription from you. And we don’t charge any credit cost to do this.

Enjoy being our business partners if you have more questions contact us.

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